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The Savvy Gal Mentor Program

The  Savvy Gal Mentor Program

The Savvy Gal Mentor Program is designed for women to serve as mentors who inform, support, motivate, promote and inspire other women to pursue their dreams and goals by writing informative articles on fashion and business for publication on the Savvy Gal Blog.

A few of the many benefits of the Savvy Gal Mentor Program include:
• Member discounts on all Savvy Gal merchandise.
• The opportunity to be featured as an author on the Savvy Gal blog.
• Having your biography, product or service and contact information included in the Savvy Gal Mentor directory.
• The ability to network and connect with other Savvy Gal Mentors and Mentees.
• The satisfaction of sharing your knowledge to make a difference in the lives of women who will benefit from such an opportunity.
• Developing your leadership skills.
• Giving back to your industry.

Savvy Gal extends this opportunity to professional women who are experts in their fields and are passionate about empowering women and helping them achieve professional and personal success. To learn more about the Savvy Gal Mentor Program and the additional benefits provided by becoming a mentor, contact Savvy Gal founder, Sandra Martinez, at or call 602-888-1520.