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Size Guide

Size Charts and Measurements

* Savvy Gal Clothing Only Sells U.S. Sizes

Chart 1 – International Size Conversion Chart

U.S. AustraliaUKFranceGermanyItalyJapan
2 643230365
4 863432387
6 1083634409
8 121038364211
10 141240384413
12 161442404615

For accurate measurements, follow this measurement guide. Find your size in Chart 2.

Measure*All Measurements in Centimeters (cm)
BustWith your arms at your sides, measure around the fullest part of your bust in cm.
WaistMeasure the narrowest point of your torso in cm.
High HipsLocate your hip bones (approx. 12cm down from your waist). Measure around your hip bones in cm.
HipsMeasure around the fullest part of your hips (approx. 22cm down from your waist) in cm.

Chart 2

U.S. Size 6810121416
Bust 72788593100106
Waist 586470768288
High Hips 78849096102108
Hips 828894100106114

* All Measurements in Centimeters (cm)

Please note that for the best fit, garments should have 6 to 10 cm ease at each measurement. The above measurements are to be used as a guide only. If you have queries regarding size, or would like assistance choosing a size, our customer service team is available online at, or at 602-888-1520, 9am to 6pm U.S. MST.

Stop Staring Collection Sizing Specifications (in)

4 681012
32 34363840
24 26283032
35 37394143

*All Stop Staring Clothing Measurements are in Inches (in)