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A New Business Attitude – Invest in Career Wear Signature Pieces

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The perfect moment for the new business attitude – how are you suiting yourself? SG Article PhotosAs a professional businesswoman who knows the best ways to achieve the highest interest at both the conference table with your customers, and right from your day-to-night attire that not only works by your side, but also inspire, you always keep your wardrobe well-varied while keeping everything well-separated – after all, you know how to build-up and maintain your professional identity and you know that one of the most important personal aspects that differentiates a true, seasoned woman-on-a-mission from a wanna-be, is the fact that you know exactly how to suit yourself up, literally and smartly. In the business world there are many ways to make an impression of professionalism, while the elegant, feminine classic two-piece shirt and skirt armor is always going to stay strong in your wardrobe-of-wall-street, the time for the all-out two-piece business suit is making a vigorous comeback with properly ever-blossoming colors this spring, accompanied by fruity accessories that make sure you are a business woman diva, like Miranda Priestly of The Devil Wears Prada who knows her detail of success. Inspired from the menswear and rooted to empower and enhance the ultimate office-woman in the battle, nothing will be more bespoken than the perfect office suit that speaks out loud and proud for you, before you reach out and shake hands with your person of interest. Before you talk business, you’ll going to need a new weapon of sophistication. Something brilliant, something out-spoken, something slick, yet in the meantime something approachable for your customers, something that’s realistic and logical, yet accentuated with the laid-back spirit. This is exactly when you know you have to suit-up, stand out, and make your statement. This time, we gathered the best of the brightest spring collection of office “suit-able” attires from Harper’s Bazaar and taking a closer look with you, on how you’re working out the tale of your best blossoming office neutrality. Every career woman’s must haves include investing in select career wear signature pieces to highlight her personal brand. Here are our top 5 recommendations: Power-Suit-and-Accessories 2016#1. Investments of detail – smart accessories that polish your suited-up appeal Never should you underestimate the power of the smartly invested accessories that play surprisingly decisive role in the battle field of business. The gist here is, you want to keep things unified yet not overly stiff; you want both the functionality and elements that speaks for you, not the other way around. You want them to work with your two-piece attire seamlessly, and you want something that identifies you that makes your own brand. When it comes to accessories, less is more and quality-made pieces speak volumes. Whenever possible, invest in a few well-made pieces including: a time piece, leather briefcase or carrying case, leather belt and leather shoes that can be worn when you need to be at your absolute best. Another simple but important tip is, keep the number of rings that you wear at any one time, to no more than one per hand because minimalism equals professionalism.   Colorful-Work-Wear#2. Getting things vibrant and colorful Often times, the mistakes made in suiting yourself up without sacrificing your personal energy, your own vibe, is the fear of colors. You certainly don’t want excessive attention, yet you still want to keep your energetic positivity throughout a busy day, how is this possible? The solution lies on the bold, elegant and warm colors. Be it the true lime-cake yellow sweater, or the ultramarine iPad case – remember what you have that men don’t, the privilege of wearing brilliant, brave and glamorous office colors!   Wrinkle-Free-Smart-Shirts#3. Wash-&-wear wrinkle-free shirts Invest in crisp wrinkle-free button-down shirts. Pair them with a pencil skirt at or below the knee to deliver a smart and classic look. Pair them with a well-fitting pair of slacks and minimal accessories for a business casual look.  Add a jacket or blazer and let your self-assured confidence flow. The look of a well pressed, wrinkle-free shirt is certainly to send the message that you are organized and sharp professional.   #4. The tilting tote + fine heel Working out the perfect balance of business chic with totes and heels, nothing sounds too out of ordinary. But the hidden business chic comes exactly from the right combination of the heels that work on your feet like a comfortable wonder and in the meantime, well-balancing your juicy tote into something that’s actually business-relevant.   It is all in the thoughtful calculations between the boldness of your tote, and the functionality of your business heels. How high is not too high? With the bagful of essential weight on your shoulder, what’s the height you want with your heels that can help you obtain the comfortable business appeal as a whole? Ask these questions to yourself for the secret of a successful business chic will unveil itself to you. Ideally 1 to 3 inch heels are considered workplace appropriate.    White for Spring  20165. The timeless classic for a feminine return You may think a “suit” only means the pants and the blazer, then your definition for “business suit” is long out-dated. When we talk about the classic suit-up moment, we’re referring to the most essential, graceful and feminine pieces that work great by your side either just by themselves, or with the suit blazers and pants. After all, you can always count on them as your secret weapon that never disappoints.         Source: McKinley, H. (2016). 11 Spring Trends to Shop Right Now. POPSUGAR Fashion. Retrieved 14 March 2016, from

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