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2015 Fall Fashion Trends – Best Wardrobe Picks for the Workplace

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It’s almost about time, when you have to question yourself about a single problem, which you have been trying to ignore throughout various occasions whether it is the working time hidden behind the computer screen, or that significant conference which you just had this morning – you’ve been stuck in the same armor of profession, which you call the perfect pieces for work, for more than several months now! You’ve been avoiding the awkward eye contacts for quite a while, whenever your colleagues walk pass your workstation dressing in something that stresses out nothing but how shabby you currently are… The problem is that you’ve been too naïve. You’ve been waiting for your boss to one day throw the perfect work wear right at your desk, you’ve been waiting for him/her to be the next devil wears Prada who can fix your work wear issue once and for all, with a single throw and a glimpse of pride; but let’s face it, you know that day will never come if you don’t take action yourself. Another season has just stepped down from the stage of time, another season has just gotten ready to step up and shine. It’s the best time for you to absorb everything you can from the 2015 fall fashion runways and get yourself well vamped up, wrapped up, and honed up. So the question now would be, how would you keep yourself looking professional while keeping your seasonal chic updated to the latest, best version? Well, we have your answer. We’ve rounded-up 2015’s Fall fashion trends into the best wardrobe picks for the workplace. Below we have assembled 4 unbeatable professional work wear combos that will not only chic you back up again, but still keep you focused and onto business. ELLE-Fall-2015-Trend-Report

Best  Fall Fashion Wardrobe Trends Appropriate for the Workplace

Stacked Kitten Heel, Lady Loafers  –  Chic Black Boots  –  Flounce Hem Skirts  –  Grey Suits  –  Turtle Necks  –  High-Wasted Pant   Flare Leg Pants  –  The Skinny Scarf  –   The Turtleneck Dickie  –  Long-Lined Blazers  –  Nouveau Victorian Silhouettes with a Modern Flair

#1. Combo 1—Lady Loafers + High-Waist Pants + Turtlenecks Aren’t they the perfect symbol for feminizing someone like you, who has been diving in the ocean of masculinity for too long? I’m talking about those lovely lady loafers. You saw them peeking from various runways —walking from Stella McCartney to Miu Miu, from Chanel to Bottega Veneta; ditch that awkward pump and stomping in your new secret weapon, while bottomed down with the high waist pants from either that of Jason Wu, Zimmermann of Acne Studios, and tucked in a simple and slick turtle-neck body-con cashmere for tackling the sheer winter, you’re moving from eyes-avoiding to eyes-attracting. 1 #2. Flare Leg Pants + The Turtleneck Dickie When it comes to differentiating yourself from a professional businessman — emphasizing your female workforce power that’s just as strong as men’s while spelling out your power from the elegance, that’s when the alternation of the shapes are coming in and playing huge roles. Instead of straight legs, you want your pants to have some proper, almost undetectable “curves”, and flare leg pants do just that; topped with the turtleneck dickies such as that from Tome or Emilio Pucci, you’re keeping yourself both elegant and powerful. Sometimes, what’s around your neck speaks louder than your voice. 2 #3. Chic Black Booties + Grey Suit It’s all about 50 shades of grey these days. Before you step into the office, work out the math and see how many shades of grey that you’ve got on yourself? If the number is between 0 and 3, then you’re good. Is black suit still in? You can’t push a classic out of the stage, but what you need is something new, something grey and something more exciting than just plain black. Surely you’ve seen them on Giorgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood and Max Mara, stretching out some shades in those grey suits for this fall and winter, with the equally magic black boots, now you’re talking about business. 3 #4. Flounce Hem Skirts+ Long-Lined Blazers + Skinny Scarves Sometimes the solution lies in what seems to be paradox and impossible. When it comes to the business chic and sleek elegance only the businesswomen can enjoy, we have to talk about the flounce-hemmed midi skirts with long-lined blazers. Strange enough? Bizarre enough? You will love the look when you see what they will do to your professional chic once they meet each other on your body head to head. As for the tie? Who needs a tie when she could have something much better—the ultimate utilitarianism piece which is called skinny scarf? The piece that defines fall and winter, separate you from the ordinary office crowd, just grab one from Marc by Marc Jacobs or Chloe, now you can finally confidently keep the smile on your face while talking to your business partners in the conference room. 4  

Fashion Color Report Fall 2015

Pantone-Colors-Fall-2015Colors: Dried Herb-Desert Sage-Stormy Weather-Oak Buff-Marsala-Biscay Bay-Reflecting Pond-Cadmium Orange-Cashmere Rose-Amethyst Orchid Lee Eiseman talks Fall 2015 “Juxtaposition of color from opposite sides of the spectrum emphasizes poise and confidence on the runway. The Fall 2015 palette is rooted in multi-faceted, androgynous colors that can be worn to portray effortless sophistication across men’s and women’s fashion; it is the first time we are seeing a truly unisex color palette. This season displays an umbrella of accord that weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural. The colors are evocative of a love for nature and a timeless appreciation for warmth and security, which are conveyed through naturally inspired colors that remind us of things that are real and protective. This Fall, designers’ pay homage to progressive moments in American history – from the seductive ‘20s to the bohemian hippie and modernists of the ‘60s and ‘70s – while stringing together an affection for colors and styling that are innately easy to wear by both men and women.”  (, 2015) Leatrice EisemanExecutive Director, Pantone Color Institute®   Sources:,. (2015). Pantone – PANTONE Color, products and guides for accurate color communication.. Retrieved 9 September 2015, from
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