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The Savvy Gal Logo: To Infin8 and Beyond

To Infin8 and Beyond The Nike Swoosh.  The Starbucks Siren.  The Target Bullseye. The Mercedes-Benz emblem. Logos are everywhere, and though they may seem simple at a glance, there’s a lot that goes into making them meaningful and memorable. Take the Savvy Gal logo, for example.  When founder, Sandra Martinez, created Savvy Gal Clothing, she […]

Get to Know The Original Savvy Gal

Straight from the Founder’s Mouth: Meet the Original Savvy Gal and Learn Why She Created Our Favorite Online Fashion Boutique and Blog Anyone can tell a good story, but the best, most meaningful ones aren’t stories at all – they’re real, gritty, life experiences that stay with you throughout your life and motivate you when […]