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A Savvy Gal is an original, open-minded, intelligent woman who knows what she wants.  She uses her knowledge and talents to create her own happiness and achieve personal success. She is defined by her attitude, possessing kindness, strength, independence, confidence and positive energy.  She is an on-trend, vintage-inspired, modern woman who respects tradition and looks at fashion as an artful and creative way to express herself. She recognizes that true beauty lives beyond the surface, but never underestimates the power of a positive first impression.  In a word, she is you.



Savvy Gal Style and Fashion Blog


Savvy Gal Clothing is an online fashion boutique and informative blog for women who aspire to reach their full potential, create their own happiness and achieve personal and professional success.

It was founded in 2014 by Sandra Martinez as a one-of-a-kind style resource, offering a variety of well-made, uniquely designed attire and accessories inspired by classic, vintage and modern silhouettes. Savvy Gal believes that fashion highlights a woman’s professionalism, intelligence and confidence – all powerful characteristics that command attention, accentuate femininity and empower women to achieve their wildest dreams. Women who don Savvy Gal Clothing know that fashion is an expression of self and that a unique, polished style can help propel them to the next level of personal and professional success. Whether you are a new graduate beginning your career, an established industry expert, a bold entrepreneur or a fashion-forward girl on the go, Savvy Gal Clothing wants to help you design and execute your own destiny by supporting your preparation for the unlimited opportunities ahead.

The Savvy Gal network also includes a panel of Savvy Gal Mentors – incredible women who are experts in their fields and love to share valuable tips, advice and research on topics involving fashion, style, career and personal and professional development. 

Savvy Gal’s Mission & Vision 

The mission of Savvy Gal is to provide women with beautiful fashion products and helpful blogs that highlight femininity, professionalism, intelligence and confidence and empower them to reach their fullest potential. 

Savvy Gal’s vision is to be the first source success-driven women choose for day-to-night apparel and informative blog articles related to topics about achieving greater professional and personal success.

Behind the Brand                        


Intrigued by the Infin8 (pronounced “in-fin-eight”) symbol in the Savvy Gal logo?  This unique emblem is an infinity sign intersected by the number eight.  Enclosed by four fundamental elements, it forms a full circle and represents ultimate success in the forms of infinite empowerment, infinite possibilities, infinite faith, infinite prosperity, grit, great strength, greater knowledge and greatest ambition.

Read this Savvy Gal blog post to learn more about the Savvy Gal logo, the Infin8 symbol. Sandra, the Original Savvy Gal

From a very early age, Sandra understood that women possessed a unique ability to express strength, compassion, beauty and humbleness at the same time. 

Sandra’s parents emigrated from Mexico to Scottsdale, Arizona (where Sandra and her two younger sisters were born several years later), in search of a better life for themselves and their family. 

Growing up, Sandra appreciated both of her parents for their hard work and determination and always credited her mother, Lupe, for teaching her to be life-smart, goal oriented, confident, self-sufficient, humble and integrity-driven. By Lupe’s example, Sandra learned that with dedication, perseverance and applying her intelligence, she could achieve anything she set to mind to.

Sandra was also heavily influenced by her godmother who became a successful business woman, Billie Bliss, who was of English-American decent and like a second mother to Sandra.  As a former bilingual speech therapist, fluent in both English and Spanish, Billie Bliss taught Sandra to speak English, making it her primary language, and encouraged her to pursue a career she loved.  To Sandra, Billie Bliss was the epitome of class, grace, and intellect, as she graduated earning a Magna Cum Laude university designation, established a successful career and a keen sense of style that demonstrated femininity and commanded respect from the 50’s and throughout the 21st century. Sandra knew that if she could follow in Billie Bliss footsteps while embracing her own unique personality and interests, she would be successful, happy and fulfilled. 

The advice Sandra received from her mother, godmother, sisters and other influential women along the way resonated with her as she grew into a woman, motivating her to graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles and the University of Phoenix. Sandra was a dedicated student, earning an associate’s degree in merchandise marketing, a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s degree, with honors, in business administration.

Sandra believed strongly that the right combination of specialized knowledge and style could empower goal-oriented women to reach the next level of their careers by highlighting professionalism, intelligence and confidence.

As Sandra entered the professional world, she sought out opportunities that would groom her mind for business and prepare her for combining her passions of fashion, business operations management and achieving her goals.  After 18+ years of learning fashion merchandise marketing, business operations in the healthcare and the financial services sectors, Sandra was able to realize her lifelong dream of founding Savvy Gal, an online clothing boutique and fashion blog that has enriched her life and the lives of countless women throughout the nation.

Using Savvy Gal Clothing as her platform, Sandra has made it her mission to empower and support women by providing valuable advice on topics related to career, personal and professional development – and of course, how to utilize a great sense of style to accentuate natural beauty, earn respect and build self-confidence, just like her godmother, Billie Bliss did. 

Savvy Gal is dedicated to supporting your success and the achievement of your goals and dreams!

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