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Archive | July, 2015

Summer 2015 Fashion Trends

So you want to talk about business. Facing either your potential clients,  your future employers or employees, you’re convincing them that you are the right option, with every single detail possible, from head to toe; you want to make sure that you truly mean business. But how exactly would you want your message of meaning […]

The Savvy Gal Logo: To Infin8 and Beyond

To Infin8 and Beyond The Nike Swoosh.  The Starbucks Siren.  The Target Bullseye. The Mercedes-Benz emblem. Logos are everywhere, and though they may seem simple at a glance, there’s a lot that goes into making them meaningful and memorable. Take the Savvy Gal logo, for example.  When founder, Sandra Martinez, created Savvy Gal Clothing, she […]

Get to Know The Original Savvy Gal

Straight from the Founder’s Mouth: Meet the Original Savvy Gal and Learn Why She Created Our Favorite Online Fashion Boutique and Blog Anyone can tell a good story, but the best, most meaningful ones aren’t stories at all – they’re real, gritty, life experiences that stay with you throughout your life and motivate you when […]

How to Apply Eye Concealer

The key to applying makeup is to keep your everyday makeup natural, beautiful, and effortless. This article provides step-by-step photos and instruction on how to apply eye concealer to achieve an even under eye skin tone. Begin with a Morning Skin Care Regimen Everyday make up should enhance your natural beauty and features not hide them. […]

Fashion Color Trends

 Show your outer fashionista by incorporating these Summer 2015 fashion color trends into your professional,  causal and sophisticated-sexy wardrobe. Red is perfect if you want to be noticed. It looks good both on brunettes and blondes. It’s fierce, not aggressive. Just look to wear a rouge version to catch the romantic and sophisticated side of this power color. […]