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The Savvy Gal Logo: To Infin8 and Beyond

By Sandra Martinez

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To Infin8 and Beyond

The Nike Swoosh.  The Starbucks Siren.  The Target Bullseye. The Mercedes-Benz emblem. Logos are everywhere, and though they may seem simple at a glance, there’s a lot that goes into making them meaningful and memorable. Take the Savvy Gal logo, for example.  When founder, Sandra Martinez, created Savvy Gal Clothing, she wanted to make sure women felt intelligent, determined and empowered when wearing Savvy Gal apparel and reading the Savvy Gal blog.  She felt compelled to choose a symbol that represented characteristics necessary for women to cultivate and master in their journey in order to achieve their purpose and ultimate success.  But when she began searching, no such image existed… so she designed the Infin8 Symbol. The-Infin8-Symbol The Infin8 (pronounced “in-fin-eight”) symbol is an infinity sign intersected by the number eight.  Enclosed by four fundamental elements, it forms a full circle and represents ultimate success in the forms of infinite empowerment, infinite possibilities, infinite faith, infinite prosperity, grit, great strength, greater knowledge and greatest ambition. The Infinity Symbol is derived from the Greek word apeiros, meaning endless, without limit; a concept known as unboundedness and infinite. It also stands for a quantity larger than any number. The infinity symbol represents limitless possibilities unity, eternity, love and women’s empowerment. The number eight has a powerful meaning in numerology and is indicative of the finite world of practical endeavors, status, power and financial or material wealth. The number eight symbolizes getting ahead, taking care of business, common sense and hard work. The Infin8 symbol symbolizes unlimited human potential and striving to realize a meaningful life with purpose. It inspires and represents, “ultimate success” achieved through a combination of harnessed empowerment, faith in oneself and the realization that there are limitless possibilities in the form of paths, choices and opportunities one can pursue to achieve prosperity. In addition, possessing and cultivating the core fundamentals of grit, great strength, greater knowledge and greatest ambition, one can maximize potential and achieve ultimate success. The-Infin8-Symbol

The Four Fundamentals for Savvy Gal Success:

  1. Grit is defined as passion and perseverance applied to long-term goals. Passion is possessing strong feelings or belief; a powerful emotional desire to possess or achieve a predetermined object, goal or cause.  Perseverance is refusing to give up, persistence, tenacity and the effort required to start something and keep doing it until the end, even when it seems impossible.
  2. Great Strength is a bodily, muscular or mental power; a resolute endurance; firmness, courage and resilience. The ability to successfully balance simultaneous life priorities such as family, health, career and spirit.
  3. Greater Knowledge is the acquisition of specialized information; an awareness, understanding, or skill obtained from experience or education. Knowledge empowers, provides advantage, opens doors, creates opportunities and leads to informed decisions. The ongoing pursuit and application of knowledge leads to ultimate confidence, achievement and
  4. Greatest Ambition is a strong desire to do or to achieve and typically requires determination, perseverance and hard work; a desire or strong determination to reach goals, be successful, powerful or famous.
The Infin8 Symbol represents women of all ages that know what they want and are driven to pursue their goals and dreams!  

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