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Get to Know The Original Savvy Gal

By Sandra Martinez

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Straight from the Founder’s Mouth: Meet the Original Savvy Gal and Learn Why She Created Our Favorite Online Fashion Boutique and Blog

Savvy-Gal-FounderAnyone can tell a good story, but the best, most meaningful ones aren’t stories at all – they’re real, gritty, life experiences that stay with you throughout your life and motivate you when you feel like the world is falling apart. At Savvy Gal, no one inspires us more than our incredible founder, Sandra Martinez.  And what could be better than letting her tell her story in her own words?  Yeah, we can’t think of anything, either. SG: Anyone who meets you can tell that family is really important to you.  Tell us about the people who influenced you while you were growing up.  Sandra: I am the eldest of three daughters born to parents that immigrated to the U.S. in search of a better life and opportunities for their future children. Born and raised in Arizona, I am of Mexican decent and grew-up speaking Spanish in my home. I often visited extended family during many summer vacations to Chihuahua, Mexico.  I have always been very close to my parents and two beautiful sisters whom are very supportive of my goals and dreams. I am also very proud to be Mexican-American and fully embrace how both cultures have helped mold me into the passionate and driven woman that I am.  SG: You give a lot of credit to amazing women who inspired you to fulfill your dreams, ultimately leading to the creation of Savvy Gal.  Which women from your journey do you most admire? Sandra: The people I admire most are my mother, late godmother and other strong women. I credit my mother for many things including teaching me to be life-smart, driven, confident, self-sufficient and humble. She instilled within me the idea that with hard work, perseverance and applying my intelligence, I can achieve anything I set to mind to achieve! I also credit my Godmother, who was of English-American decent and like a second mother to me, with teaching me to Speak English, making it my primary language.  She instilled within me the importance of pursuing a career, acquiring specialized knowledge, being a lady and developing a keen fashion style – all empowering characteristics. I also admire other women who pursue their goals and purpose. These are women who stand by their beliefs, embrace their unique views and have the courage to go against the standard to achieve what they consider to be their personal success!  SG: When you’re not obsessing over fashion and motivating women in their careers, what do you like to do?  Sandra: My hobbies include going dancing and listening to a variety of music genres including: top 40, alternative rock, Spanish rock, urban and Latin music. My favorite artist is Shakira. Not only is her music amazing but she is also considered to be a genius for having an IQ of 140. She’s a Savvy Gal! As you may have already guessed, I of course love shopping and fashion styling. I also enjoy spending time with family, friends, my significant other and his two awesome sons.  I am a great cook and a self-proclaimed foodie!  I love all types of food including Japanese, Persian, Indian, Mexican, French and American cuisine restaurants. Other hobbies include traveling and hiking the outdoors.  My favorite way to stay fit is by taking Zumba fitness classes that play Reggeaton, which is Latin urban music that features many great “shake what you got” beats!  I am also an avid lover of all animals and a large supporter of animal rights. I have four beautiful dogs, two very sweet 11 year old Chihuahua mixes named Coco Bisou, meaning chocolate or cocoa kisses in French, because she is the color of chocolate and loves to shower me with kisses. Then there is Bijou whose name means jewel or gem in French because he has the most beautiful green eyes, despite now being blind.  I also have a handsome and very lovable 3-year old, German Shepard named Lykun. When he was three months old, our vet had predicted he would grow to be very large, possibly reaching over 100 lbs. and she wasn’t too far off. So as the fierce protector of our home, I thought it would only be fitting to name him after a Spartan Gladiator. Truth is he’s the biggest teddy bear who loves everyone he meets. My fourth dog and newest family member is a small American Pit Bull rescue that I only intended to foster for one week.  Although after a few weeks, I realized she would be bounced from one home to another until a family decided to keep her, or worse the possibly of her ending up at county shelter was something I could not allow, so I kept her!  I’ve been called a “foster fail” but I would have to say this is one failure that I am truly grateful for because I now have the sweetest and most affectionate 2 year old who I named Mia, which means mine in Spanish. As you can tell, I love my dogs! SG: Now that we’ve gotten to know you, help us get to know Savvy Gal.  How did it all start? Sandra: While completing my graduate program, I realized the value of learning from professors with proven track records of career success within their respective industries. These were individuals who could not only teach via textbook, but most importantly, through real-life examples and experiences. Upon realizing the importance of having a professor/mentor, someone who could provide advice and guidance based on their own career journey, personal experiences and trials and errors, I set out to create Savvy Gal/Chica Sabia; a company where women known as Savvy Gal Mentors can provide advice and guidance about their respective areas of expertise. I wanted to develop a company where we can help others learn, grow, develop and progress through a written form of mentoring by writing informative articles where others can learn while reading. It is said that mentoring another person is one of the greatest gifts you can give and there is almost no better feeling in the world than to help another person accomplish their dreams; and this is why Savvy Gal/Chica Sabia was born.  SG: Other than yourself, what kind of women did you create Savvy Gal for? Sandra: I created Savvy Gal for women who want to advance their careers and create a style that sets them apart. Our purpose is to create a website that caters to women who are career and success-oriented and whose careers range from entry-level to advanced-level. We currently offer vintage-inspired clothing and will soon feature a large variety of modern styles to mix it up! The clothing we currently feature is of very good quality and well-made. Our Vintage-inspired line is from designer, Alicia Estrada, of Stop Starring!, a clothing line worn by many well-known and well-dressed actresses including Jessica Alba, Eva Mendez and others. Our daytime wear is intended to be workplace appropriate which means we will not carry styles that are overly sexy, runway couture or street-wear trendy, but instead, styles that are both fashionably chic and will help you advance within your career. However, because Savvy Gals are well-rounded fashionista’s, our day-to-night/after-hours styles will be a mix of sophisticated-sexy and glam. Our Savvy Gal blog articles will also report on current runway and street-wear trends because career women should, after all, have a fun and stylish wardrobe outside of the workplace!  At, we know we cannot be everything to everyone and we encourage every woman who visits our website to share her opinion on our products and articles. This is how we learn what our visitors like and want to see or read more of.  We are just getting started with Savvy Gal now, but plan to host an official launch in 2017.  At that time, we will offer a larger variety of modern and vintage-inspired styles that cater to our visitors varying tastes.  We also look forward to supporting our visitors on their journeys toward achieving personal and professional success, while wearing our styles!

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